Continuing The Peter Capaldi Discussion

Earlier this week I posted an article entitled “The Twelfth Doctor & Why I’m Sick of Nerd In-Fighting” which seemed to incite some awesome discussion on my feed. Thanks for checking that out everyone! A fellow American of the nerd persuasion named Ben Herman wrote an awesome follow up to my blog post that everyone should read called “Old vs new: fan wars and Doctor Who“. And While you’re there check his other stuff out like an ongoing retrospective of David Quinn’s take on Marvel’s sorcerer supreme in “David Quinn’s Doctor Strange, part one“. It’s one of those blogs that I ALWAYS enjoy reading, and I think any reader of this site would enjoy it as well!




  1. Hello again, and happy September. Last night I wrote another piece. It is not directly related to the Peter Capaldi debate, but it ties in with the entire “who is a real fan and who isn’t” controversy that you currently see going on in certain segments of comic book & sci-fi fandom. It’s entitled “The myth of the fake geek girl.” Here is a link:

    Thanks for taking a look, and keep up the excellent work on your blog. I always look forward to reading you posts.


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