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  1. Am guessing this will be about the Hammer movies as much as the TV shows, but as long as you do the movie of Quatermass and the Pit I won’t complain… Maybe include a few other pieces of Kneale SF if you run short? There’s some good stuff on YT.


    • I’m working on the 4 TV shows, the hammer films, the remake,and hopefully the audio drama! I noticed a lack Quatermass 60th anniversary stuff that I wanted to rectify that 😛

      I might try to seek out some of the other Kneale stuff, is there anything you’d recommend? Scifi stuff would be preferred for the blog, but I like his work, so maybe I could check out other stuff.


      • Hmmm! I think only the first two episodes of the original serial survive, and the film quality is very poor.

        In terms of Kneale’s other SF stuff, Year of the Sex Olympics is supposed to be very good (predicting stuff from thirty or forty years later), but I haven’t seen it. The Stone Tape I have seen, and it’s fantastic, very much like Quatermass and the Pit.


        • yeah, its a shame about the first quatermass seraial, I’m “marathoning” the whole series right now, and am in the middle of Quatermass II. I bookmarked his version of 1984, so I will end up doing that one soon, and I’ll see if I can do the sex olympics


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