Saturday Podcast Pick of the Week:

I work a job with minimal human interaction, in an office setting, for ten hours a day. It was maybe one month before I decided to start bringing my iPod to work to break down the monotony, and a few weeks after that until I got tired of my music. This is when Podcasts came into play. I’ll assume that anybody reading this knows what a podcast is, so I won’t go into the specifics in that regard, but what I will do is try to recommend a good podcast each week that you might enjoy. Without further ado, here is this week’s selection:

The Doctor Who Podcast


I originally got into this show when the hosts were doing another podcast for Doctor Who Online. They eventually left and started this independent venture up. What immediately turned me on about this podcast is that the hosts, while not unanimously praising everything at all times, never let cynicism get in the way of their fandom. Some other “nerd” podcasts (I’m looking at you pro wrestling podcasters) devolve into tireless hate-filled rants against a product that they supposedly like. These guys don’t do that, and even when they do dislike something it’s easy to agree with them because they give good reasons and do not harp on it. The hosts all have different likes and dislikes thus keeping the show chocked full of banter and funny arguments. Keep an eye out for trivia episodes and news coverage, usually the best part of the show for me, as well as interviews and other good bits.

Happy Listening and see you next week!

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