A Look at Doctor Who / Star Trek Assimilation 2 Issue 3!


  1. British enteratinment is honestly the best, they blend intellectual and intriguing dialog, with action that is a bit more realistic that the american (lets just make it CGI) theory. Saw the movie Attack the block here in miami as a prescreening, one of the few films if not only films that was actually good in 2011. One of those movies that you dont want to stop watching. I know this blog particularly pertains to the american view of science fiction. So I recommend you one film, called “dog Soldiers” pretty good british horror movie, more on the action horror side. I also think that if you like horror then im sure youve hear of DEAD SPACE. Although its American im sure you would enjoy its combination of Event horizons ambience with star treks gadgets and overall feel.


    • I’ve played the game for Dead Space, but never saw the movies. I’m also really into anime so I need to eventually check it out! as for Dog Soldiers, I’ll see if I can find it, you’re talking about the one from 2002 right?

      and I hope they do an Attack the Block 2, I could see more kids fighting a full invasion of those things!


      • Sorry for responding late, my internet has been acting up. Yeah, I imagined that you would like the Dead space universe, the movies are great too. Caruso (the director from eagle eye) is making the live action film of dead space too which I am stoked about!
        Yes thats the one, it has very good acting and great action. I know that movie was amazing… my girlfriend and I were really excited when the guy who gave us the prescreening infamouskidd.com said that it was spectacular and worth every frame. The acting was great and honestly I thought it was one of the more original alien encounter movies to date. Prometheus by Ridley Scott is another one I am excited for, how about you?


        • Prometheus does look pretty good! It’ll be interesting to see how it ties in to the alien movies. There are like 20 movies I want to see this summer, I think the local theater is going to love me for the next few months.I’m excited for Avengers and Dark Night Rises the most, followed up by some guilty pleasure faire like Dredd, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, and The second GI Joe (hope it doesn’t suck)


          • Yea, he was trying to make it into a cover up saying that it wasnt a prequel or tied to alien…Yeah and I was born in Mars. There are clearly so many aspects of alien and even the Jokie that was in Alien 1 by that gigantic telescope can be seen in the trailer of prometheus, I think its gonna be great i mean its Ridley you cant go wrong with Ridley. Not so excited for Avengers particularly although I had a friend see it on boot leg and he said its worth the hype. Dark knight is going to be spectacular, in miami IMAX tickets are sold out 9 months in advanced. A first in IMAX history I believe. Haha that lincoln movie looks worth watching and GI Joe, hmm not too convinced. Didnt like the first one. Im dying to see Prometheus and Dark Knight rises.


            • The Abe Lincoln book was amazing, I went into it thinking that is was going to be a juvenile silly book, and got something that took itself very seriously and was well written. The guy that directed 9 is doing it, so I hope it turns out good.

              The Batman movies does look amazing, and I can’t believe that it’s already selling out. I have a feeling that it’s going rake in some big cash for warner bros this summer.

              I have no expectations for GI Joe as I hated the first one, but they are promising that this one is going to be like the comic books, so I’ll get suckered into it at some point.

              I was going to see the Raven this weekend, but it got TERRIBLE reviews. Now I’m not so sure about it 😦


              • Yea I completely agree with you, the first Gi-Joe was a Disaster. I have no desire honestly to see the new one but I think I’ll watch it anyway because I’ll be thrown in there to watch it someway somehow.
                About the Raven I am in the same predicament. I wanted to see the raven with my girlfriend but she didnt want to, then I told my friend (whos a movie critic) no really a movie critic but you know..hes just one of those people >.> well he said it got 20% and said he didnt want to see it. It just looks so enticing!


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