I updated my “about” page, and thought this would be a fitting re-introduction to the site :p

So why, you might be asking, have I decided to blog about British science fiction of all things?  Most people blog about pets, children, work and other mundane things; this is what I used to do way back when I had a Livejournal account.  I would jump on and let the rage fly about whatever thing made me angry that day.  After writing this way for so long, a person realizes that such a blog seems not only bitter, but rather much like an Andy Rooney tribute site.  I decided to change to something a bit more specialized as it would not only entice readers to come back and see what’s new, but help me find like-minded friends.  I ultimately chose to blog about British science fiction.

I was born in the eighties, and enjoyed spending my young years watching Doctor Who with my mother on our local PBS station.  Right away I noticed that it was different than what I was used to (Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers) and that made it really special.  In fact, my love of the local PBS station at the time meant I was blessed with many UK television shows repackaged as educational programming including Erasmus Microman and many others.  From this early age I grew to love this kind of TV, and now it is one of my favorite hobbies.

I got back into UK sci-fi in 2004 in the time leading up to the re-launch of Doctor Who.  Since then I have tried to watch as much classic and modern UK sci-fi TV shows that I can, and would like to share my views on it.  Whether it be reviews, opinion, funny stuff…whatever, I’ll try to post it.  It may seems as if I concentrate on Doctor Who quite a bit on here, but that’s merely because it is both my favorite program and the sheer quantity of material out there for it.  When possible I will post about other stuff.

Enjoy the site, and don’t forget to send me some comments!



    • it’s getting pretty big here once again, it’s crazy how popular it is with teenagers and such. I went to an anime con not too long ago, and some guys randomly dressed as Tenannt and Smith, and got one of the loudest cheers out there!


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